Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wanting & Wondering


So this is what's constantly on my mind these days.

This is how it goes:

......should I go for #3? (kids that is)

I would LOVE to have another baby....
Two is easy. I have two hands.

I'm in crazyville most of the time with two...
Then again, even though its manic and crazy its sooo much fun and I love every second of it!

I didn't get my body back after the last two...
No one expects you to look good after 3 kids!

Charlotte will be soon sleeping through the night...things could get nice!...
I'm just being selfish! Am I not put here on earth to multiply & replenish the earth!!

I'm too old!!....
Celebrities do it all the time.

We would need to upgrade our car...
Yayeee I can get an SUV

We would definitely need 2 hotel rooms on trips...
Mummy & Daddy could have their own room....Hmmmm...

My back and pelvis would not cope
I plan on getting a new body when I'm done anyway lol.

I've already got plenty of girls clothes, so I wouldn't need to buy much...
If it's a boy, I could go CRAZY buying all the darling little boy stuff....

I hate being sick & fat!
But I'm soooo baby-hungry!!!!

Is it the post baby hormones going crazy? 

I always wanted to have two kids. Two is easy. I have two hands. Plus I am an evens person. If we have 3 we would most likely go 4 to even things up. Yes, I do know that I am weird. 

Do you ever feel like your family is complete? 

I would like to mention that these are just thoughts in my mind at the moment and I am just getting them out. This post is in now way meant to be offensive or disrespectful to anyone who is trying to have a baby and or who has been trying for some time.


Mel said...

We always said that we would have 2 or 3 kids - plan was to have 2 and see how we went.

Now that I have 2 kids, and they're only 14mths apart, we have decided that we're happy with our family, that our family is complete, so therefore we won't be trying for #3.

I have similar logic to you:
there are 2 of us and 2 kids; I have 2 hands and therefore can wrangle 2 kids easily; we have 2 kids sleeping from 7-7 which is bliss; both our kids feed themselves, eat what we eat and don't need bottles; they both play well together and we still have them both in the car with a gap inbetween them so they can't fight on long car trips; and the list goes on!

Mind you - I'm blessed with one boy and one girl. I think if I'd had 2 boys a small part of my would have wanted to try for a girl or vice versa. Hope you figure it out soon. :)

Cindy said...

There's no way of writing this without it sounding harsh or even strange since I have 3 kids, but 2 really is the better number. We didn't plan on having #3 as we had the pigeon pair that were 2.5 years apart and once Isaac toilet trained at 2yo it was such a relief and I totally lost the urge for anymore kids. I of course love all of mine so much and wouldn't wish any of them away or change anything now they're all here BUT...its hard. Not in the material sense as much. We have a normal sedan and all 3 fit fine, we have a 4 bedroom house and that works fine too, and financially it would be nice to have more money (wouldn't everyone!) but we manage. All of those basic 'material' things find a way of working themselves out.

I could list 100 reasons why 2 is much easier and better...but I'll tell you what the most important one I've found is. Its time. I feel like I never spend enough quality time with all of them. If I try to do something with 1 of them someone else always feels left out...and most of the time its the eldest because the little ones need so much more of you. The guilt is there on a daily basis. When it was just 2 kids you could do things with the older one when the little one was napping or when Eliza went to school I had time to spend with Isaac and Eliza got time with me at night when he was in bed or on the weekends when Shane was home. Shane and I could take them one on one and do things with them. Once #3 comes its so totally different. Its like all of a sudden you gave birth to 3 extra kids instead of 1 because its always that little bit chaotic even with a well run schedule. Trying to do the school run with a newborn, plus a 3 & 6yo, was a nightmare. He'd always fall asleep in the car there and back TWICE a day and scheduling feeds inbetween school runs was even harder....tie that in with extreme tiredness and it was a recipe for disaster. AND the funny thing is, looking back that was easy compared to now!

I love them all I really do, but now that Aidan is 2.5 its really hard work. And the 3's is so much worse than the 'terrible 2's' trust me!!
The worst is yet to come! I'm dreading the time when they all have their different sporting arrangements or friends they want to see and how on earth am I supposed to be at netball on saturday morning when Isaac will probably have cricket on and god only knows what Aidan will want be doing! Let alone finding the money for all that stuff too!
When it was just us with a 5 & 3 year old life was simple and easy. 2 parents...2 kids. Now its much harder and its going to stay that way for a long time yet.

BUT having said ALL that, it can be lots of fun with them too. They do make me laugh and smile and they are all wonderful with their own personalities and quirks. I feel very privledged to be their mum and to be able to be a SAHM for them and do all the things without trying to schedule a paid job into my time as well.

My advice to you is to just wait and see. Your's are still SO young and you've got so much to experience yet that its hard to evaluate what it will really be like with 3 kids. When Isaac was born ALL I could think about was having #3 as soon as I could but the older he and Eliza got the more I realised that what I wanted was another sweet little baby, but not necessarily another child if that makes sense. In the end mother nature decided that somehow we could manage another and blessed us with Aidan but life is certainly MUCH different to when we just had the 2.

Again, I really do love them and lots of my family and friends have 3 kids so its not some crazy number of kids but its definately a much bigger decision than just having 1 or 2. 3 kids can really be life changing.

...and forget about having 4 lol....OMG I'd have hubby commit me straight away lol!

Leesa said...

Mel and Cindy thank you so much for your comments. I agree on all accounts. It's so hard to be rational when I am soo baby hungry. Its funny cause I actually do have a baby still lol.... We are just going to enjoy our latest little addition to our family and see how we feel when she is a little older.
Ladies thank you so much for your honesty. I really appreciate it :)))

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