Monday, January 24, 2011



Urgh Mondays :( Even though I am not physically go into work, I still hate Mondays. Monday means its the end of our weekend family fun and Daddy is back off to work. Yuck!!

On a happier note, How was your weekend?

Mine was great! We had such a wonderful weekend!! All the housework was done so we were free to do whatever we wanted to for 2 whole days!!

Saturday, we spent the morning at home with the girls. After they had their sleeps we went shopping! Ok, I will be honest, shopping isn't as fun with 2 tots as it is on my own. But I am able to block out the tanties and focus on spending money... I heart shopping :))

We settled in on Saturday night for some fun games and sing songs. Bella is totally into music, dancing and singing. I am loving it! We can sing a song and before I know it she has the lyrics down pat and she is singing it on her own to her sister. Or to herself as she dances around. LOVING this part of her personality that is coming out. Its so much fun!

Sunday morning was a very momentous moment in our household. Our first born had graduated classes in Swimming lessons and was having her first lesson on her own!! No more Daddy in the pool with her! We were a bit worried at how she would be. So we pumped her up and talked her through what was going to happen. We weren't sure if she understood us or not and I think this was due to her being ok with the change.

When we got there, we got her ready for swimming. First time ever she had to wear a swimming cap. She has worn goggles but not for a long period of time and not during swimming lessons.  My parents came and so did my Brother and his gorgeous Girlfriend all to support our little girl and watch such a special time in her life. Adam took her over and popped her on the step where they sit during their lesson. 

And well, Bella she was AMAZING! No amazing is not a justifiable word. She was brilliant (does brilliant over rank amazing??)! No tears, no tantrums, no being naughty and no splashing! It was Bella just being herself and making us oh so proud of her. There were tears admittedly, but they were from me and her Daddy <3 Gosh seeing her sitting on that step with her swimming cap and goggles on, I couldn't help but feel so overwhelmed with how proud I am of her. She is such a good kid and today, when looking at my little 2 year old girl, sitting on the step in the pool,  she really looked and acted so much older. She is no longer a baby. She is growing up *sniff*

Adam and I were meant to go and see Wicked at the Performing Arts Theatre on Sunday afternoon, but it had been damaged by the floods so the show has been postponed and until further notice :( So, we thought it would be a great opportunity, to treat Bella for being so great at Swimming lessons, by taking her to the movies. She of course loved it. We had a great time. Missed Charlotte lots though.

Now we back in full swing on Monday ready and waiting for Wednesday to be here so we can have some more family fun :)) Can't wait for our Australia Day celebrations  :)

The best part of my weekend was during Bella's swimming lesson. Just after Adam walked away from sitting Bella on the step, she looked over at us (My brother and his girlfriend, my Mum and Dad and Adam and I) and gave us the double thumbs up! *Tears*

There is no way that I can rave on about how awesome Bella was with out sharing pics.... So....Here is some photos of Bellaboo..... 

My Amazing girl :))


E. said...

Yay Bella. How excting for you all. She looks so cute in those photo's too.

Mel said...

Ooh now I'm tearing up too! What an awesome weekend and go Bella for being so awesome with her swimming lesson - that is amazing! I can't wait to move house and get settled so I can get our kids back into lessons - we can only do Sat mornings due to work/daycare, so as soon as our moving is done, I'm so there! Can't wait!

Hope you have a fab Australia Day - I'm hanging out for an 'extra' family day too. xxx

Amy said...

Could she be any cuter!

Jockey said...

Man she looks sooooo cute with those googles and cap lol <3

Leesa said...

Thanks E. We think she is pretty cute too lol
Naww Mel your such a sweetie lol It was an emotional morning for me lol

Thanks Amy.... We are totally smitten! Its so nice having two girls hey :))))

Jockey thanks dude, When I saw her with them on I just cried. She just melted my heart :))))

Cate said...

Oh how sweet are those bathers! Love the thumbs up shot too.
I'm okay with mondays at the moment since it's still hols here - but next mon school goes back, work really kicks back into gear, and then it will be on again (blah!)

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