Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No words

There are no words to express the devastation of the South East Queensland floods. There are no words to express how I feel about all of this as it unfolds.
But I will try and put it all into words.

The news reporters are reporting on this horrific event non stop.  All day. All night. Its alot to deal with and alot to come to terms with. I am a resident of Brisbane and thankfully I live in an area that at this stage hasn't been affected. My little family and my Parents and siblings are all safe. Friends are also safe but some are not.

One of my best friends is stuck in his home safe but he is flooded in with no power. No power to keep his food chilled, no power to cook it. The water surrounding him will be there for days. I hope he will be ok. 

As I sit here watching the news coverage, over and over again, the same images, the same stories, you would think that it would sink in that this is really happening.... it hasn't.

Whole buildings have disappeared underwater. So many houses ripped off their stumps or slabs and washed away. So many people now have no home, so many people have lost their pets or many pets now have no owners, so many people now have no loved ones, either lost and unaccounted for or ...... I just can't type it. 

My husband had to head into work this morning to see if his work had been taken by the flood and if they could still work. A 30 minute drive, took him almost 2 hours. Trying to avoid swollen creeks, trying to find a road that would lead to his work. Thankfully he got their safe. His work wasn't flooded yet but certainly has the potential to do so. If all what we are hearing is right, his work will go under. He was able to get home safely and will not be returning to work for a few days..... hopefully.

Here is some pictures that he took whilst he was there.
My Husbands street where he works

My Husbands street where he works
Road blocked - this is now underwater
 My thoughts are with everyone that has encountered loss. 

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Michelloui said...

I can't even imagine what it must be like living through all of that. These pictures are really interesting--personal, as compared to the news images.

I hope this is the worst effect it has on your lives.

Very pretty blog! I am now a follower.

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