Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day!!

Just stopping by to wish you all 


This year it's Bella's 3rd Australia day 
its  Charlotte's 1st Australia Day.

We are having a good ole BBQ at my parents then we are heading 
off for a swim!
This is my favourite way to spend Australia day.

Here is a little song that I wanted to share with you.

Anyone one else get goose bumps and feel so proud to be Australian?

I will be back later with photos from our day.....


Mel said...

Love that video clip! And yes, I did get goosebumps. Very very proud to be an Australian - especially in light of all of the compassion and outreach that has been shown in the recent QLD floods. We are a fantastic nation and its great to be a part of that. Can't wait to see photos of your day - I can't believe that I didn't think to get our camera out, so we have none of today!

Kymmie said...

And now I'm all teary. I love that song, but then sung by all those wonderful Australians. So proud! x

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