Monday, January 17, 2011

I have crossed to the dark side

Yes, it's true I have crossed to the dark side...or should I say sweet side..?..?

I have always been a savoury girl. Cheese and biscuits, biscuit and dip...Yum yum yum! I love loved it all. I never really understood the love for Chocolate people would have. I rarely ate it. I could go years, yes years with out even a teeny tiny Cadbury square. When it did come to sweets, I was more of a lollie person anyway. I think I was the only person in the world who was able to keep a packet of Tim Tams in the fridge just in case people came over. I never ate them! 

When I was pregnant with Isabella, I ate really well right up until 6 weeks before she was born. I was struck down with a killer chocolate craving. IT. WAS. BAD. I tried everything to not crave it. I told my Husband to stop buying it for me. I even told him to take the keys to my car to work to stop me from buying it myself. And even that didn't work. I would hike my BIG fat pregnant butt down to the local shops. Now this might not seem like a big deal to some... well it was. I had the worst pelvic pain, I could hardly walk, and when I did walk, I walked like I needed a hip replacement badly. Me the pregnant chick who was in so much pain just laying on the lounge, walked to the shops, hills and all to get my fix. 

From this time on, I have been so addicted to chocolate, I would describe myself as uncontrollable, not all the time but most. Well, I fought off the cravings post birth and I was clean. I was clean and sober from Chocolate for a good year until I was pregnant with baby number two. I did my best to eat well when I started feeling better (I had the worst morning sickness 2nd time round - but that's a whole other story). Then same as last time 6 weeks out BAM! It hit me again. The chocolate cravings returned. I will admit that I was able to control it this time. The cravings were no where near as bad as first pregnancy. 

Even after going through this I still considered myself as a savoury girl. 

Anyway, yesterday morning I was out to brunch with some of my girlfriends. It was a choice of eggs on toast OR pancakes... I was faced with a sweet or savoury option. And I uhmmed and ahhhed over it for ages. I still hadn't made my mind up when I was in line ordering. When put on the spot I said pancakes.

When walking back to the table I then thought to myself, I am now a sweets person. No longer savoury. Pregnancy changed me. Introduced me to the sweet  side and here I am.... overweight and forever craving sweets!! Grrrrr how on earth is one able to loose weight when you always want sweet foods?

My husband he's no help. He is an out and proud Chocoholic. He will laugh and tell you how many chocolate bars he can eat in one day. He would eat it all day every day if I had it in the house. He can sniff out chocolate a mile away. This has not helped me. He is an enabler and he knows it! 'Hmmm I feel like a chocolate' he would say, 'do you want one?' How can you say no? It's chocolate.He loves the sweeter me hehehe He loves that chocolate gets bought and is consumed. Prior to all this there was never bad food in this house...never.

I want to get back to being a savoury gal. I liked it over there. I rarely ate bad foods and I was slim, much slimmer then what I am these days :(

HELP!!! Anyone know of a good sweets detox?


Amy said...

I was exactly the same with both my pregnancies - I have always been a savoury girl and can go years also without eating chocolate.

But I had a real sweet tooth when pregnant and loved chocolate. And now I am much more inclined to eat sweet foods.

I have no tips - I am just really strict, if I feel like snacking I eat fruit to fill up. And I don't allow myself to eat after dinner..

Good luck!

Leesa said...

I wonder if its a girl thing? They do say when you crave sweet things you are having a girl..?..?

Also, you know the poem 'what a little girls made of' ...Sugar and spice And everything nice hahahaha
so true in my case hehehe

Mel said...

I'm the same Leesa! I have always been a savoury girl - I could resist chocolate, icecream and most sweets, but when it came to cheese platters, if I had even the teeniest bit, I wasn't able to stop! Then when I fell pregnant with Liam I started craving pepermint chocolate. I'd still only have a few squares, but I needed that chocolate everyday. When I was pregnant with Ashleigh it increased to the point where I could easily eat about a block a night if I was left with it. Sadly that has continued since giving birth to her and I am still about 10kg heavier than I would like to be.

I'm yet to really be strict with myself like Amy though - I just did the grocery shop and some King Island Double Brie managed to jump in the trolley - not to mention the chocolate and red frogs - Oops!

Shellsibelle said...

Oh Lees, I know how hard it is to eat well! I feel super guilty because I haven't been eating well so far in my pregnancy :[ Too many carbs and too much dairy :[ My poor babies!!

As for trying to resist chocolate - I went to WW a few years back (lost 8kg) and was told that sniffing vanilla can help you to resist chocolate cravings. I took this one step further and invested in some vanilla lip balm so I wasn't only smelling vanilla, I was tasting it! Give it a try! :] xox

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