Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh I have to share this!!

Pls note if you love Fruit cake this is said to be one of the best recipes around!!

I am not a fan of traditional fruit cake at Christmas time, on its own, if it comes with warm custard or icecream or what ever else you want to add to it to make is sound appealing. I'm Just Not A Fan!

Now THIS is my type of Christmas cake!! How amazing is this cake?? Not only does it look good but it looks sooooo yummy!!! If only I found this before Christmas I would of loved to of given it a go at making it. Hahaha yeah right!! hmm ok honestly, with a new bub and a toddler, I highly doubt I would of given it ago. But I like to think that one day maybe, I might be able to make such a work of art.

Whilst, catching up on Amanda's blog, I saw that she has some fabulous ideas for valentines day which is coming up. How cool is THIS idea?? Gosh I wish I had the patience and the time to make my Husband something like this. 

Amanda's blog is full of some wonderfully, yummy, creative ideas. Seriously, you need to go make yourself a cuppa,sit down and have some quite time (kids are in bed now?) to look at all her wonderful creations.... She is so talented!!

I just wish she was local so I could get her to do some stuff for me!!

Pls note, to respect Amanda's copywrite of her images, I haven't copied them for you to view. You will have to go to her site to see it all for yourself. I was going to email her to see if I could use one or two, but I thought she must be so busy and inundated with emails, I didn't want to add to her inbox.

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Cate said...

What a great site! And what a great cake! Actually, I went for a little stroll through her blog and she does a tutorial for the cake and it's not actually all that tricky - but yes, I'll probably never do it either
(but it's nice to pretend!)

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