Thursday, January 6, 2011

Had better days

I had a hard day today. The kind of day where it feels like there is no end in sight  and all you can think about is that glass of wine at the end of it all, some how its what gets you through. Care bear is teething, poor little darling. Both of her two bottom teeth are trying to come through at once. Today was a real struggle. As much as I dosed her up on pandaol and the teething tablets she still wouldn’t settle and have a 2nd sleep. The best thing about care bear is she is still such a joy with limited sleep. Here is some pics I took this afternoon. Pretty good effort for being up all day and teething!! 

Fingers crossed tomorrow is a better day for my little carebear x



Lucy said...

Thinking of you Leesa. Riley is teething bad too (you have probably seen me talk about it on Facebook) it is so distressing and exhausting. It must be so hard for the poor babies they have no idea what is going on.

Hoping today is much better for You. Xx

Leesa said...

I did have a better day thanks!! She is still struggling the poor darling. And those teeth are STILL not through :( I can feel them but they are taking their time. With my first daughter I could feel the tooth and it was through the next day! I am just dosing her up with all the suggested pain relievers.
How's Riley doing?

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