Saturday, January 22, 2011

Craft Room

Do you have a craft room?

If so, I am so very envious! Is it bad that I fantasise about one day having my very own craft room? Having the luxury to be able to leave out unfinished projects and know that they will be there when I am ready or have some spare time to work on them. Not having to pull everything out and put it all away when I am done. Ahhh sounds like heaven right? 

To be able to organising all my supplies, my ribbons, papers, stamps, paints, knick and knacks.... I get giddy just thinking about it hehehe 

I love to scrapbook, make cards, paint, make jewellery, sew.... Anything!! If it grabs my interest then I will give it a go. Unfortunately, I don't have time these days to do any of the above. Maybe I would if I had a craft room :)

Here is some inspiration that I have collected along my travels fantasising about my very own craft room!!

Unfortunately, I can't give credit to where I found these pics as I have collected them over the years. If you own any of these images please let me know so I can give credit where its due or if you would like the images removed, I can do that also.


Kymmie said...

I'd love a craft room. But alas, I must settle for a craft table. Because that's all we have space for. But I'm still super grateful! xx

Anonymous said...

Hiya Leesa - love your blog!!!
As a fellow scrapper I LOVE the design. I thought I would make you feel better and tell you that even when you do have a craft room, you end up still scrapping on the dining room table 'cause you want to be with everyone LOL. And they quickly turn into junk rooms too :( I'm in the process of doing mine over so I will let you know how it goes *gulp* (if I ever get it finished LOL xox

Jane said...

Ah, Leesa! Pure nirvana. If only I had one. Sigh. Even a corner would be acceptable! J x

Leesa said...

Kymmie is that a craft table that stays like that all the time?? That wouldn't be so bad. I have nothing but a craft cupboard thingy where all my supplies are stored. I hate having to drag everything out..urgh sooo annoying!

Justine Welcome!!
Thank you for stopping by :)))
I had a feeling that might be the case lol But in my fantasy, the girls are in there with me being all creative and husband is probably watching some sort of sport lol....
Definitely let me know how you go!! Love to see pics too!!

Jane I completely agree!! A corner would be good lol but nope - no spare corners in this house lol... I need a bigger home!!

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