Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm so excited!!

And I just can't hide it!!!!

Tomorrow we are having family photos done by the most amazing 
photographer Rachel Ritcher
We were scheduled to have these photos taken a while ago but due to bad weather, sick bubbas, Christmas etc we had to keep postponing them. 

So, tomorrow is the day!! Pray for good weather for us!!


Victoria said...

How exciting. I was so excited when Danimezza did ours.
Have fun & enjoy yourself.
can't wait to see them.

Cate said...

oh my goodness, no wonder you are excited - I just went and checked out her work - how gorgeous is that little scrumtious baby, and as for thos bumble bee bathers photos...stop it! too cute! I'll want another one if I keep looking at those pics!!
Pleeeeease show us your photos once you've had them done!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, now I have to say, I am REALLY envious!!! She is an AMAZING photographer. I hope your going to share the photos? I hope the weather is amazing too for you xox

A Country Wife said...

Oh yaaaaay Leesa, I'm so excited for you! I adore my Rachel Richter photos, I cannot wait for her to come to Perth again. Looking forward to hearing how your day goes, and seeing photos of your two gorgeous cherubs xx

A Country Wife said...

PS I'm LOVING your new look blog! I'm so envious of your fonts!

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