Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mister Maker

Mister Maker is a huge hit in this house. Don't know who or what Mister Maker is? It's a children's arts and craft show and Mister Maker is the guy doing the crafts (pic above).

Bella just loves him. And I can understand why. He makes craft look so fun and cracks us up! He is quite funny and a bit silly. He makes all sorts of things out of everything and anything. To do his crafts you really don't need to buy alot of equipment as its usually stuff you would find in most homes like cereal boxes, fabric softener bottles etc etc

The other day Bella asked if we could do a 'Maker' craft. We just happened to of just watched an episode where he did some bubble painting. I thought that this one would be perfect. When I told Bella that we would do the bubble painting, I had one VERY excited girl on my hands :))))

Here is the instruction sheet 

To say I was worried that Bella would suck the straw and not blow was an understatement! I kept repeating it over and over again to her. I didn't even get a chance to demonstrate to her how to do it before she grabbed a cup and started blowing the bubbles. 'See Mummy' she said. The whole time I did keep on reminding her about blowing and not sucking as I was scared (ok freaked out) that she would forget. I am happy to report that we didn't have any problems. She did great!! She follows direction well and she must of watched that episode at least 10 + times so she knew what she was doing before we had even begun. I can confirm that this 'Maker' craft was a success and we will be definitely doing it again. 

Here is some photos of Isabella in action doing her bubble painting...


Mumstrosity said...

My kids like Mister Maker too! (Though Art Attack is still my Fav)

Bubba love love loves when the Shapes do there song and dance. Mesmerizing!

Bubble painting looks like fun :)

Mel said...

Oh that looks fantastic! We haven't come across Mister Maker yet (we might still be at work/daycare when its on?), but it sounds great for kids (and Mums)!

I have 2 toddlers and I'm always looking for easy activities that arne't expensive, and are suitable for a 2 1/2 yo and a 17mth old - but exciting for both at the same time!

Will definitely have to give this a try - thanks for sharing the recipe and instructions. :)

Amy said...

We love that show in this house too!

Definitely have to try the bubble prints out - thanks!

Gorgeous pics by the way!

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