Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Movie Review

On Sunday we took Bella to see Yogi Bear. We saw it in 2D (normal viewing) as we thought that Bella wouldn't keep her 3D glasses on for the entire movie.

We had our large Popcorn to share, drinks, we were all settled in to watch the movie that we had been talking up all day.

We had no idea if Bella would enjoy this movie. We have only taken her to the movies one other time when she was much younger and we saw Toy Story 3. Every other time was a babes in arms session where she slept so these times don't count. They were movies for me not for her.

As this movie wasn't an all cartoon type movie we weren't sure if she would watch the whole movie as she does tire of things if its not interesting.

The movie is light hearted and it really didn't hold Bella's attention for long. It really wasn't that funny. We didn't laugh once at the supposed funny scenes of Yogi bear and Booboo stealing the "pcik-a-nic baskets.

The movie is good clean fun but definitely nothing to rave about.

Here is some pics of Bella at the movies :)

As we left the movie, I asked Bella what rating she gives the movie and she said one kiss so, below is our rating in kisses....

1 kiss from each of us
Has anyone else seen Yogi bear? What did you think of it?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I saw the shorts for it when we took Acacia (nearly 3) to see Tangled, and thought it looked a little lame.
So now I think we will definitely give it a miss!Thanks for the heads up!
Have you guys seen Tangled?? if not I highly recommend it - I loved it - Acacia loved it.
We did 3D and she kept them on most the time right up until the last 1/2 hr ~ then I spent that time telling her to put them back on lol.
I too was going to do a post on it as it was her fist movie EVER...just been a little slack with the blogging (arrggh)
Oh, and I love your little rating board...way cute!!! xox

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