Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tonight I say a prayer

Tonight I say a prayer ......

For all those that have lost their houses, their cars, their workplaces, their pets and their loved ones.

For all the wildlife that has been affected by the floods.

For my friends and family who have been affected by the South East Queensland floods. 

For my family and friends who haven't yet been affected by the floods, please be safe.

For my Nanna who has been evacuated. I hope when all this is said and done she will return to her little unit untouched by the nearing flooding river.

For my darling husband who will have to battle the weather, traffic and the flooding areas to head back into work which is in the evacuated part of the city. His boss has told all workers that if they can make it in tomorrow they are expected to turn up for work.

For my family, please be safe

For my little house and babies and furbabies

For the rain to stop


Antoinette said...

I just wanted to congratulate you on your gorgeous blog!! I came across it today and can't stop reading.


A Country Wife said...

I'm praying for everyone too Leesa, it is so hard to comprehend the devastation that QLD is facing. I hope you and your family stays safe sweet girl xx

Amy said...

amen! xox

Mel said...

I hope that you all continue to stay safe!

And I cannot believe that your husband has had to return to work - especially when the QLD police are telling everyone to stay away from the CBD unless they really need to be there - is his job so important that he should risk his life for it?

Leesa said...

Mel his job is not so important that he needs to risk his life to get to work (don't tell him I said that lol:) )
It's his boss that made them. Thankfully when he arrived there this morning it was almost flooded so he was sent home. He is now home safe :))) I asked him about tomorrow and he said that he wont even try to go in. Me = very happy wife :)))

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