Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What's on my mind RIGHT now!


I really need to pack We are off to Sydney for a few days on Friday. This will be our first trip away as a family of 4. This is also Charlotte's first plane ride and also her first holiday! I haven't started packing yet :(

Loved chatting to my good friend tonight Reconnected with a great friend tonight. Due to some circumstances, a bit of distance grew between us. I will be doing everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen again! She is an important person in my life and I want to make sure she remains a part of my life.

Worried about another friend One of my friends had a work place accident tonight. When he went to fill out a OH&S form he was told that there isn't one! Hmmm very worried.

Must remember to call my bestie I keep forgetting to call my Bestie! Her first born started school last year and I have been meaning to call her to see how it all went. Tomorrow... must do tomorrow

Gosh it's hot I swear its like a 100° tonight... urgh I hate summer. Well, I hate not having air conditioning really.

Are the girls ok With this extreme heat my little darlings bedrooms become sweat boxes. I have a fan in both of their rooms but its still hot.

I must get organised tomorrow I like to be organised. Since having kids I feel like the most unorganised person alive. I
Urgh Dinner was a complete fail Tonight I cooked a meal I cook at least once a fortnight. It was a slow cooker meal (one of my faves actually) but somewhere along the line I did something wrong. It was a complete Fail

I'm thirsty Gotta get a drink of water  

Hoping Cyclone Yasi fades away to nothing I have family and friends up that way. Hoping that they will all be ok. Last thing they need right now!

My house is a mess I had Mothers Group here today. After they left I cleaned up so my house was back to normal, but some how, Bella has managed to destroy it again!!

This post is pretty boring I have some half typed up posts but I can't be bothered working on one of them, so I did this instead :)
I gotta get to bed Had a huge day.... Night xxxx

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Cate said...

that's funny, the inside of your head looks just like mine!!

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