Thursday, February 24, 2011

5 months old going on 2!

My baby (or not so baby) Charlotte is amazing! She is only 5 months old (almost 6) and she is moving around the place, already on solids and trying her hardest to speak. She is very vocal and is trying hard to get some words out. She is only 5 months old!!! 

Every day I see her watch her big sister Bella and she wants to be doing what Bella is doing. Whether it be painting, crafts, dancing, playing in the cubby. It doesn't matter. My little 5 month old thinks she is 2. So, my days are spent taking Charlotte around so she can play and interact with her big sister. When we are painting, or doing crafts she is sitting her in high chair or my lap watching or even participating in the craft. When Bella is eating, Charlotte wants a snack also. And if I don't carry her around for her to do what Bella does, boy does she let me know! She get sooo cranky at me. 

They are both smitten with each other and I knew that in time Charlotte would look up to her big sister and want to copy and do everything she does. I had know idea it would happen so soon!

Below pics are an example of my little 5 month old wanting to do what her sister is doing. Bella was on the floor playing with her Dora laptop. Charlotte made her way over and was wanting to play with it too. Bella was happy to share but Charlotte wanted it for herself. She was determined to play with it. Bella was happy to let her baby sister play with the laptop and watch.

It makes me sad, my little baby (and maybe my last baby) doesn't want to be a baby anymore *sad face*


Mel said...

I know how you feel! My 'baby' (and yes, we've decided she will be our last one) is now 18mths and very much Miss Independent. Everything her big brother does, she wants to do. She is much more independent than he was at the same age, and possible even is now. He follows her around at times and muscles in to play with what she's doing. If she's having fun, he wants in too - its amazing to see that reversal so soon given Liam has always been the 'leader' until now.

Amy said...

Wow I am so impressed - that is one determined little girl you have on your hands there!

Leesa said...

Wow Mel! Your little girl is very independent!! It's amazing isn't it. I wonder if the dynamics will change again and she will start to follow Liam around again..?..?

Amy, I do! I'm scared! I love her determination but I just want her to be a baby for a little bit longer lol She is wanting to grow up so fast. I didn't expect it at this age. Maybe teenager years lol :(

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