Friday, February 18, 2011

My Favourite things for ~ Babies

When you have a baby...

1.  Mosquito Net Canopy for the cot. This was a MUST purchase for us and I am so glad we did. At night my poor Bella would get eaten alive by mozzies. Her poor little body reacted so badly to the bites. Each one would get so inflamed and the itch was just unbearable for her.  

2. High Chair Even though the Ikea high chairs are so much cheaper and much easier to clean, I still opted for the Chicco high chair (one pictured above). I just LOVE it. It reclines, the height is adjustable and the best thing, its on wheels. Bubs usually don't like it when you are out of site which makes it hard to get things done around the house. So I started utilising this high chair from an early stage with both of my girls. I would recline the seat right back, put a lovely bunny rug over the plastic seat, give bub a few toys to play with and that's how I have been able to get things done around the house.  I roll bub around, when vacuuming, when in the kitchen cooking, I take it outside when hanging up clothes. As long as they see me they are happy and very content. I am never out of site of my bub whilst getting the chores done. It has been one of the best purchases I made. I do  loathe cleaning it, but it's not hard to clean at all as long as its done every night.

3. Medella double electric pump With Bella, I was unfortunately, unable to breastfeed. I was so heart broken. I was so determined to do it that I promised myself, that even if I can't feed her she was still going to get the breast milk. I expressed every 3 hours 24/7 to provide her with the goodness of my breast milk. I did this for 6 months. I would not of been able to do it without this pump. Expressing so often didn't allow alot of free time on my hands so it was so handy that I was able to do both breasts at one (yes I felt like a Jersey cow :( )

4. Feeding pillow This pillow has been a godsend. I was given this pillow from one of my Mums friends. I am so glad that she did as I had already purchased two pillows that I thought would be great that weren't. Who would of thought that there would be some pillows out there that just don't cut it and be sooo bloody expensive!! This pillow is so great. I used it for bottle feeding as well as breastfeeding. I love it! It goes pretty much everywhere with me.

5. Bonds singlet suits These suits are FABULOUS! Pay the money and buy them. They are a must in my eyes. I hate putting on a sleep suit on bub and then have their singletroll/ ride up their back. It would feel so uncomfortable. Its also great reassurance in winter knowing that bubs back is fully covered by the singlet. In summer they double up as summer suits. They come in plain colours or come with patterns. I got a combination of both. Just remember to get some white ones for the white outfits!

6. Jolly Jumper I love my Jolly Jumper. Its a great little activity for bub to do when they get to a certain age. I bought mine with the stand. It takes up alot of space but its great and the bubs LOVE it.

7. Fisher Price Papsan cradle Swing This swing saved my sanity when I had Bella. She wasn't a fan of sleeping in the early days. I had read lots of good reviews on this swing and also how bubs settle well and sleep well in it. I sent my Husband out to get me the swing that makes the babies sleep :)) As soon as I put Bella in the swing she slept. She slept for hours at a time in it only during the day though. At night she would sleep in her cot and slept well. I often worried how on earth was I going to be able to wean her off the swing for her day sleeps. But it wasn't hard. When it was time I moved her to her cot and she slept well. I believe that when sleeping in the swing she learnt how to sleep and how to get into the deep sleep. Admittedly, this swing doesn't suit all bubs. Charlotte wasn't as much as a fan. She did sleep in it every now and then. I guess it really depends on the baby as to weather it is a success or not. Charlotte does enjoy being in it during the day just for a swing. 

8.Baby Bjorn I love this baby carrier. I had bought a baby sling but I wasn't a fan. I much preferred the Bjorn. This was soooo handy for the times you just wanted to duck into the shops to grab milk and bread, go to Medicare or just couldn't be bothered putting up the pram! I also loved it for times when I was out shopping and my bub had had enough of being in the pram. I was able to keep them happy in the Bjorn and continue on shopping. I couldn't of lived with out this product. I have a bad back and found it hard to carry my bubs on my hip all day long, this carrier though if worn for a long time did hurt my back but for little trips it didn't make my back play up.

9. Sophie Oh Sophie, how on earth did I survive with out you when I had Bella. This teething toy is fabulous! It was a gift to us from a friend when we had Charlotte. Charlotte LOVES her Sophie and doesn't like to be parted with her. If I had of known how much of a godsend she is I would of paid the $35 and got one for Bella.

10. Baby steamer I love this baby food making appliance. It has made my life sooo much EASIER! I am able to prepare bubs food whilst making dinner. It takes only minutes to steam and puree the vegies, fruit, chicken, fish or what ever you are wanting to puree. It also teams up as a baby bottle warmer. I never used it for this purpose. I recommend this product as it is so easy, there is not alot of effort involved to make yummy food for your bub. 

If you have had a baby, What were your favourite things?

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Kate said...

I couldn't have survived the first year without my 'farm pram'. A fabulous bertini with 'power steering' and suspension (which my sister gave me as she had finished with it). It enabled me to go for long walks over bumpy ground and do lots of gardening... I highly recommend a comfy good pram.

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