Monday, February 28, 2011

Should I?


I have alot of Should I's going through my head these days...

Should I sell my beloved handbag collection? 

Should I sell my baby clothes that Charlotte has out grown? 

Should I sell all my prebaby 
{aka clothes I will probably never fit in again :( } clothes? 

Should I join a gym? 

Should I cut my hair? 

Should I dye my hair? 

Should I sell my wedding gown? 

Should I get a cleaner in so I can spend more time with my girls rather then always cleaning? 

Should I quit my job and become a SAHM?

Should I keep up my blog? 

Should I take a photography course?

Should I upgrade my car?

Should I keep those family and friends in my life who only seem to hurt me?

Should I organise that holiday we say we want to take?

Should I send Bella to Kindy?

Should I cut Bella's hair?

Should I send Bella to Private school?

Should I post this post?


A Country Wife said...

Ha ha Leesa, oh how this post resonates with me! I'm so indecisive! I can help you with a couple of your should I's though:

Noooo don't sell your wedding gown, it's such a beautiful heirloom piece for your girls and you'll never get enough money to replace the sentimental value.

Yes yes yes, if you can get a cleaner, do! I'd love one!

Defintely yes take a photography course, you have Rachel Richter in your backyard, it would be a travesty for you not to do one of her courses!

Finally, absolutely yes organise that holiday. Everything else in life can wait, you need to take family time to relax as often as you can.


Leesa said...

Thank you so much for your reply Chrissy!! I have taken your advice.

I agree, I shouldn't sell my wedding gown. I just love it and I agree, there is no way I would get enough for it that I would be happy with to part with it. I actually never thought that maybe... just maybe my girls might want to wear it? lol who knows!

I have already looked into a cleaner. BUT.... I think we will wait until I return to work to actually get one it. I feel so slack being at home and not keeping house so to speak. Its so hard cause I know that I am going back to work soonish (October) so I want to soak up every minute I have with the girls. Not to mention the fact that it goes so fast and I want to remember this time by Playing singing reading all the fun things rather then me on my hands and knees scrubbing the shower :( while the girls entertain themselves. I do my best to do it all at night or when they are asleep :)

I agree with you in regards to the photography course. Rachel's is the one that I am wanting to do. I think I will investigate when her next workshops are on and lock it in! I love taking photos and take lots of them. They might as well be good photos rather then the semi blurry ones I seem to take.

We are booking that holiday! We decided on where and just figuring out when. Sooo excited!!

Thanks so much Chrissy for taking the time to respond to my post :))

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