Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love it or hate it?

This morning when I was perusing the news headlines and the hollywood gossip whilst eating breakfast I spotted something..... My girl crush, Jennifer Aniston, has cut her hair!!

Jen has said goodbye to her gorgeous signature look and chopped her hair into a shoulder length bob. She stepped out in Madrid rocking this sexy tousled look.

Pics from various sites
Back in the 90s I had the 'Rachel' cut. A cut that she just loathes now according to Allure Magazine. Hahaha! Me, I actually think that it was one of the best hair styles I have ever had. My hair sat well, it had a bit of body to it. I loved it! 

But just like Jen, I moved on from the 'Rachel' cut and channelled her longer highlighted hair. My hair doesn't look as wonderful as hers especially now since I am a Mummy. I am lucky to straighten my hair once a month these days. My hair is forever stuck in a Mummy bun. 

What do you think of Jen's new style?  Love it or hate it??

I love it! It looks fresh, vibrant and its really nice to see her sporting a new do.

Jen isn't the only one sporting a new hair do. Justin Bieber also chopped of his famous locks. Tweens around the world would be in tears!

Pics from TMZ

I think it makes him look older. I love it!  
I never thought he would cut his famous hair. My poor little cousin will be lost now as he sported the Bieber cut and the flick of the hair!

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