Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two years old...

At times, I forget that Bella is only 2. She isn't like any other 2 year old I know. She is so smart and such a delight to hang out with. I love spending my days with her, dancing, singing, laughing, giggling, reading stories and just chatting the days away. She is my best friend. And, if I am lucky and I'm in the good books, she will tell you I am her best friend too!

She speaks so well up to 8 to 10 words per sentence

She can say her ABC's

She can recognise most letters of the alphabet

She can count to 15 ~ working on 20 but gets a few fixed up

She can jump with 2 feet off the floor

She can count backwards from 5

She can tell you which is left and which is right

She can tell you her full name

She can tell you which suburb she lives in

She is starting to learn how to write her name

She is learning how to tell the time

She knows the days of the week

She can sing numerous songs 

She knows her colours

She knows her Shapes

She knows big and small, far and near etc etc

She knows feelings, happy or sad, angry or excited

She knows the difference between girls and boys

She takes direction well

She knows that when she takes her shoes off she puts them away in her room

She helps tidy her room

She loves crafts .... all sorts

She loves to help me in the kitchen 

She is currently toilet training and having alot of success

She knows when it's time for a nap or bed and she takes herself off

She is a huge help with Charlotte. A great big sister. She loves helping me make Charlotte's food, she keeps Charlotte entertained by dancing, singing songs. She loves to make her sister laugh.

She is so mature and so grown up. She loves to learn and she has the most amazing memory. If I tell her we are doing something on the weekend, when the weekend comes she tells me what we are doing. You can not promise her anything and think that she wont remember, cause she will. She always amazes me with her memory. If I tell her, tomorrow we will go for a walk to the park. When she wakes up in the morning the first thing she will tell me is that we are going for a walk to the park.

All this and she is only TWO! She is a remarkable little girl and I am luck that she is mine!


A Country Wife said...

You are a very lucky girl Leesa! I've always been astounded by how clever Bella is xxxx

Mel said...

Wow she is quite advanced for 2! My 2 1/2 year old son can't do all of that yet (but I do keep getting told that girls develop faster than boys). She sounds like a delight to be around and I hope that she continues to be one for you as she grows. :)

Jockey said...

Honestly the smartest 2 year old ive ever seen...Blows me away every time I see her in action

Leesa said...

Thank you so much for your comments.

This post might of come across like I am one of 'Those' mums but I really just wanted to document where she is at in her life and I guess have a bit of a brag moment... Nothing wrong with being a proud Mummy.

Bella is a clever little duck. I am very lucky that she is mine and Mel she really is a delight to be around.

But like every other kid there is tanties and there is naughty times, but over all she is just a great kid who loves to learn.

Jockey, I agree... she blows me away every day with the things she comes out with and how intelligent she is. Her Daddy is very smart. I think she takes after him!!

Leesa said...

Oh Mel... I just wanted to say.... All kids develop in different ways. I wouldn't be worried at all that your son isn't doing these things. I too have read that girls develop faster. But I too think that girls seem to like to read, sing etc where as boys just want to play and get into mischief!!

Kate said...

Only two?! She sounds like a delightful little girl.

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