Thursday, March 10, 2011

Family Photos

We had family photos taken back in January by the wonderfully talented Rachel Ritcher.  I haven't recieved all the photos yet but I wanted to share with you what she posted on her blog.

We are so happy with them. Rachel is so talented and knows how to capture our girls in a way that shows off their little personalities. 

I honestly didn't think this day would actually happen. We had to postpone the session so many times due to rain, floods, sickness. 

The day of the latest scheduled session was a beautiful day out side. I was rushing around all day making sure I had all the outfits sorted and ironed. Whilst getting ready it started to get a bit dark. We had a look outside and our beautiful Queensland Summer day had turned into a Summer storm and it was headed our way. 

I tried not to panic. We all still got ready. I texted Rachel to tell her what the weather was doing this side of town to see what she thought. We decided to keep pushing on, but maybe get there a little earlier.

So we were ready and packed and on our way. A huge sense of relief swept across me as we were all in the car on our way and it hadn't rained.... yet.

The location was close to where we lived as Charlotte isn't a fan of car trips, so we didn't have far to go. On our way there it started to rain heavy and alot of it. The tears welled up in my eyes. I turned to Adam and said, 'what should we do?' He knew how bad I wanted to session to happen. Little Charlotte was growing up fast and I wanted to get some shots of her before she got any older. 

Adam said, 'We will keep driving. I am sure it's clear over there where the water is'.  

As we parked our car safe in the 'dry' car park at the location. I received a text message from Rachel. The Jetty and the beach where we were going to have our photos taken was.... C L O S E D!! Arghhhhhh!!

I mentioned that there was another little Jetty just down the road so we all piled back into our cars and headed to the revised location. Rachel had a bit of a squiz and said that she was happy with it and that we could get the shots done there.

Great I thought. Finally, its happening. What more could stop us now. The rain clouds had passed. The sky was looking clearer. Everything was perfect!

Adam got Charlotte out of the car first as she was quite upset and over being in the car. He handed her to me and in that second I grabbed her she showered me with vomit! Yep Vomit, all over my only outfit. My nicely ironed, nicely co-ordinated outfit. 

The tears welled up again. I thought how on earth were we going to get the photos done now that I am covered in vomit *sad face*

I honestly just couldn't believe my luck! I said to Rachel, 'What should we  do now?' She said it will be ok as I was wiping the vomit off my clothes. 

But thankfully, as you can see, Rachel did a great job and captured some great shots.

I am one very happy, proud Mummy!


Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

The photos are gorgeous Leesa - what a good looking family you have :)

Mel said...

Amazing photos Leesa! You all look gorgeous, and she definitely has captured your girls beautifully! Love that you're all coordinated with the colour red theme throughout - love the tea set as well. Wouldn't have known about the vomit if you hadn't mentioned it either - talk about challenging!! We really need to get a family shoot done ourselves - we have one of them together about a year ago, but nothing professional since.

Leesa said...

Naww Thanks Alicia. I can say the exact same thing about you and your girls <3

Thanks Mel. Thankfully it all turned out in the end. It definitely was challenging getting there but we did in the end. Afterwards driving home, you couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

Even though I don't enjoy seeing me in the photos, I certainly do love seeing my girls and my Husband.

We try and get photos done once a year. I think you should book Mel.... you will appreciate the photos in years to come!

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