Thursday, May 10, 2012


I love to shop. 

I actually get a rush when shopping and spending money. I love spending money and when I do I spend ALOT!

I can go for months and months with out shopping. But, when I have a good excuse {change in seasons, losing weight etc etc} I go hard! It's like I make up for the all the months that I haven't shopped.  

Recently, I have had a GREAT excuse! With the recent change in weather and Bella moving out of size 2 clothing and into 3/4 she doesn't have any winter clothes. Perfect!!

Even though Charlotte gets all of Isabella's hand me downs I still buy her new things also.

I know some people who prefer to buy only certain brand name things, or only handmade things from SAHWM, or they never buy from here or there blah blah blah etc etc  I don't have any preference as to what I buy the girls. Pretty much I go with the philosophy if I like it, I buy it! 

On this occasion I headed to my local Westfields childless and went nuts!! 
Some of the items I bought weren't on the website so I have added what I could.

Pumpkin Patch had a GREAT bargain. Buy 1 get the next 50% off PLUS spend over $40 you get a $20 voucher!! If that isn't an incentive to spend lots of money I don't know what is??

Here is a picture board of most of the things I bought Isabella.

One of the things that I like about pumpkin patch is that they have a range of different collections. For example bohemian girl is the range I liked the most this Winter season. It Incorporates the same colour scheme but there is a range of different items available. Different styles of tops, long sleeve and short sleeve, jeans, skirts, dresses etc that all match and inter twine with each other. 

Mothercare does the same thing with the different collections.

I have also been buying some stuff online. I love buying some bargains from Ozsale and Brands Exclusive

I did manage to score some great dresses for the girls from Rock your baby
I bought these dresses for the girls to wear to Kindy! They are perfect. They can wear leggins with them, you can even put a long sleeve shirt under them! Perfect for winter wear as well as Summer wear.
I got 5 for Bella and 4 for Charlotte. Rock your baby was kind to add an extra dress in for Charlotte as a FREE GIFT!! 

Amongst all the spending of money, I usually buy for the girls and not much for Adam and I. The girls and Adam are dressed well but I feel like most of the time I am wearing my daggy Mummy clothes that are always way too big and falling off me. I need to relearn how to dress for my new figure post babies... I just can't seem to get it right!!

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