Thursday, May 5, 2011

Are you like me?

It seriously amazes me how my house can go from clean house to trashed house in less then 30 mins! When my girls are up that's it. I spend my entire day cleaning up after them both. From packing away toys that have been played with to paint on the table, hands and faces, to food splattered around the place. It really never ends.

Some days Most days I just ignore it and sing and dance with my girls, play hide and seek, craft, read books and just bum around with them. But then, once they are in bed, it's time to put my house back together again *sigh* I actually forget what its like to not have to clean the entire house everyday. Pre baby days it was a 1 hour job on a Saturday morning to clean the entire house. Now its hours and hours on end all day every day.

Bella great at packing her toys away. She definitely needs to be in a good mood when I ask her though. She is very proud of herself when its all done. She puts everything away in the right spots too, which I love! Books on the book case toys in their right toy barrel, bikes where the bikes live, Lego's in their boxes. Is this the making of a clean freak? I hope so, well maybe not a freak as such.

Now I just need to train the Husband!! HA!


Alicia Zak said...

My goodness - I hear you on the cleaning! I am so sick and tired of the endless house chores - so much washing, cooking, dishes, tidying up after the kids - it is never ending. Oh well - guess I am just going to have to suck it up!

Hoola Tallulah said...

Ah I hear you. It's a never ending job isn't it? With 4 of them charging about my house there is never a day off for me, or the washing machine.
The OH is quite well trained, but still needs to be given mum orders like he is one of the kids!
have to say though am very envious of your days bumming around doing crafts and enjoying just being with the kids, I miss that, SO much!
Thanks for dropping by my blog <3

Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty said...

Thank you for all your sweet comments!!!! And thanks for following my blog..Made my Day!! ;)

XOXO Andrea

Mel said...

Ooh yes! Its an endless cycle. I tried not to do any cleaning up today, but it got to 5pm and the house looked like a bomb hit it so I still ended up cleaning up. It was fun just being able to play with the kids for hours and ignore the mess for a bit though. :)
(And funny how Daddy isn't able to do everything that Mummy can normally do and still keep the house neat and tidy - we really are super women!!).

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